Rat Control in Louth

Rat Control in Louth and the surrounding villages. Our rat control call out service offers professional, discreet solutions to solve your rat problem quickly, effectively and at a very competitive price. No call out fees. Call us now if you would like to know more about rats and what we do.

Rat Control in Louth, Lincolnshire and Surrounding Villages

Rats can cause a real problem in your home or business premises.  Rats love causing damage to the structure, chewing through drains, supporting structures, electrics and pipes but they also carry and spread lots of diseases and dangerous Bacteria. Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, rat bite fever and many more which can cause you and your pets serious illness or even death. This contaminates your house or business and food items.Field

Rat Control Services from Pest Detective

The Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)


It is known as a commensal rodent which translates to “sharing man’s table” Which is very apt as they need our presence to live. 

They are usually a brown or grey colour about 20 cm long. Their incisor teeth are constantly growing that’s why they gnaw to continue to wear down their teeth. They are usually a nocturnal animal but when seen in the daytime it often means numbers are so much higher. They use their sense of touch with fine hairs to navigate themselves in the dark and will travel around the edges of buildings. Rats have something called Neophobia which is frightened of anything new that can last for up to 7 days. A female rat will have a litter once a month of 10 to 12 young and will have at least 5 litters a year. A female rat becomes an adult in 3 months and 2 rats in a year can breed up to 300.

Signs of Rats


  • Noises and scratching heard in your loft or under your floorboards or in the walls

  • Droppings which are dark, tapered about the size of a peanut or larger and often found in clumps.

  • Damage from items chewed, rats’ teeth are constantly growing at a rate of up to 2mm per week and therefore they need to constantly chew to wear them down.  Only steel is strong enough to stop them! Rats will chew wood, doors, skirting boards, floorboards, cables and pipes.

  • Rats have oily, dirty fur and will often leave smear marks through entrance holes or along the edges of walls or pipes as they usually run along the edge of the walls.

  • if rats are seen in the daytime it usually means, there is a big problem as only the immature ones get forced out to eat when its more dangerous as rats are nocturnal. 

Why Choose Pest Detective Rat Control?

We offer a fast response and survey of your house/business premises to work out how they are getting in.  This investigation is sometimes obvious, but it can lead to more complex investigations of your drains for which we can use our own drain camera. Once investigated, we will implement an action plan straight away using a variety of traps and rodenticides or other methods depending on each individual situation. Unlike many companies we don’t just kill the initial problem we stop them coming back again with thorough investigation of your property and fixing the problem that is letting them in. This can include camera surveys of the drain to prove an access point. We offer the very best service at a competitive price.

  • A Fast, professional service, at a competitive price.

  • Free callout survey.

  • Small, Family local business.

  • Fully insured to £10m through Bradshaw and Bennett.

  • Royal Society for Public Health trained (RSPH L2).

  • Continuous Professional development covering the latest techniques and products.

  • Staff are DBS, Police checked for your peace of mind.

  • All work is fully documented in our treatment reports

  • All MSDS and Coshh reports can be requested but are provided as standard for our contract customers 

  • 5-star reviews from our customers.

  • We won’t just get rid of your problem we will try to stop it happening again!

For Rat Control in Louth, Call Pest Detective Today

For Rat Control in Louth, Horncastle and the surrounding villages, make sure you contact Pest Detective today, we offer a range of rat removal and pest control services. Call us now on 07707727770 for a fast response to your problem.

Rat Treatment FAQ

Do you offer the same day treatment?


Yes we offer an emergency callout and will try to get to you within 24 hours.


Are Rats dangerous?


Rats are rarely physically dangerous and will always try and escape from you! That can mean they jump at you and over your shoulder if you corner one. What is more dangerous is the diseases and bacteria they carry. Leptospirosis, (Weils disease) does kill people and their pets every year never mind a whole host of serious food bacteria.


Can you stop us getting Rats again as we have tried getting rid of them ourselves, but they keep coming back?


In most cases we can by carefully surveying your home working out how they have got in and repairing the damage so they can’t get in again.


Do you offer a rat control contract to prevent regular problems?


Yes we offer a variety of contracts to regularly visit your home or business for 6 to 24 months. All contracts are individually tailored to your needs.

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