Rabbit Control in Louth

Rabbit control, removal and prevention in Louth, Lincolnshire and surrounding villages.

Rabbit control, removal and prevention in Louth and the surrounding villages. Our Rabbit control call out service offers professional, discreet solutions to solve your Rabbit problems quickly, effectively and at a very competitive price. No call out fees. Call us now if you would like to know more about Rabbit control and what we do.

Rabbit Removal in Louth 

Initially native to the Mediterranean area and introduced to Britain in the 12 th Century. Is wildly recognised as having the second largest population only beaten by the rat. Prolific breeders. Females will produce 4-5 litters a year and a female will start breeding from about 4 months old. They live in a large series of burrows called a warren. Normal breeding between January and August.
Mainly a nocturnal animal but often seen in quieter areas at dawn and dusk



Small diggings in lawns and fields
Plants being eaten
Tree bark being stripped off especially in winter
Small round droppings on the grass in areas

Our Services


We offer a fast response and survey of your homes garden, field, farm or business premises to confirm the level of the problem and work out how far it’s spread.
Once investigated, we will implement an action plan straight away using a variety of
methods which can include shooting with a variety of weapons including air rifles, Rimfire and shotguns depending which is the most suitable.
Other methods can be a variety of traps or ferreting or simply fencing them out of an area to prevent the problem. Safety is always paramount in our clearance operations. Unlike many companies we don’t just kill the initial problem, we offer full monitoring and regular control to stop the situation getting worse again. We offer the very best service at a competitive price.

Why Pest Detective Pest Control?

  • A fast, professional service, at a competitive service.

  • Free call out survey.

  • A small local family service.

  • Fully insured to £10m through Bradshaw and Bennett.

  • Royal Society for Public Health trained (RSPH L2).

  • Continuous Professional development covering the latest techniques and products.

  • Staff are DBS Police checked for your peace of mind.

  • All work is fully documented in our treatment reports

  • All MSDS and Coshh reports can be requested but are provided as standard for our

contract customers

  • 5-star reviews from our customers.


We won’t just get rid of your problem we will try to stop it happening again!


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