Pigeon Prevention and Bird Control in Louth

Pigeons and other birds removed or prevented in Louth and surrounding villages. We carry out an effective quick response to your problem. We are fully trained in safely removing the problem or preventing access even in the most difficult locations. An excellent service at competitive prices

Pigeon and Bird Removal and prevented in Louth, Lincolnshire and Surrounding Villages


We can deal with: -

  • Pigeons and birds on your ledges

  • Pigeons and birds under your solar panels

  • Pigeons and birds roosting on your building

  • Pigeons and birds in your roof

  • Pigeons and birds in your buildings

  • Pigeons and birds in your chimney


Bird prevention includes: -


  • Wood Pigeon

  • Feral Pigeon

  • Various Gulls

  • Jackdaw’s

  • Starlings

  • Sparrows

  • Canada Geese


Feral pigeons cause huge problems in towns, causing mess and destruction to your building, covering footways, yards and balconies in Guano.  Guano is classed as hazardous waste as it carries many diseases which, as it dries out, can become air borne resulting in these dangerous bacteria being sucked into air conditioning units causing serious health problems.


Solar panels make a perfect place for a pigeon to live. 

The connecting panel wires just look like worms so get attacked and damaged.  

The gutters and gullies then get filled with Guano till they overflow all over your house and footpaths.

It is usually the noise at first light that wakes you from them scrabbling under the panels and calling each other.


We offer a free survey to assess your problem and form an action plan to prevent and stop them getting in or landing on your property.  We can offer lots of different preventative measures depending where the problem is.

It needs to be established in the survey as to what strategy is needed depending if you have low, medium, or high pressure problems.

Bird and Pigeon Removal Services from Pest Detective

  • The installation of metal mesh guards or spikes around solar panels

  • Installation of netting and guards around buildings and their grounds

  • Installation of Florescent Gel pods at your premises – these look like fire to pigeons hence they deter them landing 

  • Installation of a post and wire system to ledges to stop them landing

  • Installation of bird spikes to prevent the birds from landing on ledges etc


All of the above are preventative measures however, we can cull using specialised humane trapping, or night-time shooting using air rifles.


We are fully trained in bird removal to safely carry out the work using the best techniques that offer a very effective preventative treatment that rarely needs a return call. All at competitive prices.

Why Choose Pest Detective Pigeon and Bird Removal?

  • A fast, professional service, at a competitive service.

  • Free call out survey.

  • A small local family service.

  • Fully insured to £10m through Bradshaw and Bennett.

  • Royal Society for Public Health trained (RSPH L2).

  • Continuous Professional Development covering the latest techniques and products.

  • Staff are DBS Police checked for your peace of mind.

  • All work is fully documented in our treatment reports

  • All MSDS and Coshh reports can be requested but are provided as standard for our contract customers 

  • 5-star reviews from our customers.

  • Free recall treatment to the same nest if necessary.

For Pigeon Prevention and Bird Control in Louth, Call Pest Detective Today

For Pigeon Prevention and Bird Control in Louth, Horncastle and the surrounding villages, make sure you contact Pest Detective today, we offer a range of pigeon and bird removal and control services. Call us now on 07707727770 for a fast response to your problem.

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