Bed Bug Removal in Louth

Bed Bug Control in Louth, Horncastle and the surrounding villages. Our Bed Bug control call out service offers professional, discreet solutions to solve your Bed Bug problem quickly, effectively and at a very competitive price. No call out fees. Call us now if you would like to know more about Bed Bugs and what we do.

Bed Bug Control in Louth, Lincolnshire and Surrounding Villages

Bed bugs have become a common prolific pest since a very effective chemical known as DDT was banned for use.  People are now travelling more and even the best hotels will get bed bugs from time to time. The bugs travel on your luggage and you bring them home with you or if you live in flats or a house share, they will simply walk throughout the property through the slightest of gaps.


They feed nocturnally on you by sucking your blood and becoming bloated with it.  A female bed bug can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime so bed bugs quickly become an infestation issue and will hide in your bed frame, plug sockets, furniture, bed headboards and can even get behind wallpaper.


Signs are often a series of bites, usually in clusters of 3, blood stain spotting on sheets or mattresses. 


This is one of those problems where DIY attempts will probably not help you, it is the worst pest you can have and the most difficult to get rid of.

Bed Bug Removal Services from Pest Detective

We offer a fast response and survey of your house/business premises to confirm the infestation and work out how far it’s spread.  A full survey is necessary of all surrounding rooms and a full 360◦ treatment approach and monitoring is necessary as they spread easily throughout the property.

Once investigated, we will implement an action plan straight away using a variety of methods and Insecticides or other methods depending on each individual situation.

Unlike many companies we don’t just kill the initial problem we monitor the situation to stop them coming back again.

We advise on cleaning regimes, washing contaminated clothing or freezing items.

This follows treating beds with a special steam applicator and a variety of specialised Insecticides. 

Bed bugs are not easy to get rid of without an experienced team of conscientious detectives to locate and rid you of the problem.  There is no quick fix! It can take several treatments to clear your home of bed bugs


We offer the very best service at a competitive price.

Why Choose Pest Detective Bed Bug Removal?

  • A Fast, professional service, at a competitive service.

  • Free call out survey.

  • A small local family service.

  • Fully insured to £10m through Bradshaw and Bennett.

  • Royal Society for Public Health trained (RSPH L2).

  • Continuous Professional development covering the latest techniques and products.

  • Staff are DBS Police checked for your peace of mind.

  • All work is fully documented in our treatment reports

  • All MSDS and Coshh reports can be requested but are provided as standard for our contract customers 

  • 5-star reviews from our customers.

  • We won’t just get rid of your problem we will try to stop it happening again!

For Bed Bug Removal in Louth, Call Pest Detective Today

For Bed Bug Removal and control in Louth, Horncastle and the surrounding villages, make sure you contact Pest Detective today, we offer a range of bed bug removal and pest control services. Call us now on 07707727770 for a fast response to your problem.

Bed Bug Treatment FAQ


Can I treat Bed Bugs myself?

You can try but by using domestic products like smoke bombs will only kill the live ones and then the eggs hatch and you have a whole new life cycle of Bed bugs in a few days. Domestic products are designed to be less effective and not as strong for amateur use. Bed bugs are extremely good at survival and will be found in all sorts of crevices and hiding places. Our own products are very effective but need the right protective equipment so we can apply them. Bed bugs are the worst type of infestation you can get they will transfer from room to room.



Do I have Bed Bugs?


The signs are you will be getting bitten at night as they are attracted by the CO2 you breath out. You will have more bites on the upper body arms and shoulders but anywhere that it less covered. The bites can often be seen in rows along a vein.


On the bedding and or mattress you may see lots of pinhead black spots which is dried blood. You may even see small brown Bed bugs about 2-3 mm hiding around the mattress edges. 



What do I need to do before treatment?

  •  Remove all bedding from beds, take down curtains, nets and any washable items. Clothing from drawers and wardrobes and place in bin bags and tie tops so nothing can escape and commence washing of all items on hot wash but be careful of labels. Dry cleaning is also a very effective treatment

  • Non washable items should be placed in a securely tied bin liner but can be left in infected room for treatment.

  • Remove all pictures, posters, mirrors from the walls

  • Unplug all electrical items and bag where possible in bin liners tied

  • Thoroughly vacuum the affected rooms and adjoining ones and empty it in outside bin If it uses bags put new one on.

  • All items removed from the floor should be picked up and bagged. Bedrooms should be de cluttered.

  • Customers and pets must not be present in a room whilst it is treated and not allowed in for 3 to 4 hours. Thorough venting of the room after this period before use.

  • Vacuum cleaner and brushes must be accessible for treatment

  • Property should be warm, not overheated.

  • Windows should be closed before and during treatment.


Is your treatment dangerous to children or my pets?


No it is not. After we have sprayed your house, it needs to dry to form a very fine insecticidal powder for about 4 hours. After the treatment then you can go back inside. We recommend wearing of slippers or footwear for the next 14 days.


Can I clean up after you have treated our home?


NO this cannot be done for 14 days or the treatment will not work! The spray we use has a residual action that continues to work by coating your floors and carpets with a very fine powder and if this is removed then it stops working.

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